02 DecExactly why Do Elder Chinese Women Look for Western Men For Marriage?

I have to admit that cross-cultural relationship is becoming really sizzling in modern society. Not only western men but also Chinese women are desired to seek a foreign lifetime partner. Especially the Chinese women over thirty who still keep single, they focus their target upon marrying western men. After all, why is them to make up such a decision? We’ll figure out in the following paragraphs.

Within China, a woman who is still single at her thirties is considered a social outcast. It’s hard for her to find a Chinese man who truly wants her to be a wife. On that circumstance, thirty-something Chinese ladies quit seeking a husband within mainland China, and they turn their particular target to find a foreign husband. This is an undesirable fate but it’s a crucial fact for Chinese women!

If possible, Chinese ladies wan to find a Chinese man as a spouse. It’s also the expectation of their parents. While most Chinese men in their thirties are already married and those who are still single are likely to prefer a younger partner. Even though, a Chinese man is willing to marry a woman at her thirties; while, his mom and dad won’t 100% agree. It’s the particular deep-rooted and stereotyped traditions which makes Chinese females at their thirties difficult to find a husband. And the situation of leftover women (Referring to those girls at their later twenties and thirties still remain single) is becoming increasingly fiercer in recent years.

Actually, thirty-something Chinese ladies are not superior to the younger Chinese ladies. Instead, they are highly-educated, smart, independent, matured and considerate to deal with existence issues. When the quarrel or contradicts occur, she can handle it inside a matured way, instead of shouting at you with enormous anger and leave you, leave home without hesitation. What’s more, Chinese women at this age group are seriously seeking a marriage when you are dating them online. That’s to state, your date with these girls at this circle can easily come to a success.

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8 Responses to “Exactly why Do Elder Chinese Women Look for Western Men For Marriage?”

  1. Roflcopter says:

    What does Adultery law in China says about this relationship and also what is the punishment for both the parties , the Chinese woman and the foreigner ?

  2. Thomas A says:

    I am a western man living in China and am completely shocked by the thickness and length of the mustaches on women. It must be some sort of cultural thing, because there is no way you can’t see it when you look at yourself in the mirror. Does it represent something of which I am unaware? Is it rude to talk about it with Chinese women?

  3. zigg3ns says:

    because more Chinese men (like men everywhere) can accept a woman in a non-tradtional role (ie: career) than Chinese women (like women everywhere) can accept a man in a non-tradtional role (ie: homemaker)…y women whine about sexism ONE WAY childish of ye!

  4. Roar me R says:

    I swear, some of the girls look too young again in this 2012 Olympics. Does anyone else feel this way?! Don’t get me wrong, I had no curves whatsoever when I was 16 but I see their faces and they look 13 or 12. Does anyone agree with me?

  5. Nathan B says:

    Please do not answer that they are all the same…Frankly I find Japanese girls more prettier probably cause I just like lighter skin women.
    In terms of beauty and personality

  6. D3ZZY says:

    What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese women? thank you!
    Thank you guys so far! I mean the differences in cultures, like how they deal with men, with their parents, with their children, with their girl friends,with… with people. Thank you :)

  7. Benihana says:

    I have noticed that amongst East Asians, which consists of Chinese, Korean and Japanese, that Chinese women are the loudest and portrays masculine mannerism by being obnoxious and uneducated. I find Japanese and Korean women to be strong, yet lady like. I can tell if the Asian woman is Chinese because she will be loud and obnoxious and most likely, the ugliest of the three ethnicity.

  8. Harriet W says:

    I’ve been up and down this country and I have noticed many english men take oriental women as their wives. why is this?

    The english men are infatuated and obsessed by the chinese/japanese women, they lust after them more than their own women. The only reason why it isnt more popular is because most chinese women are recent immigrants and hardly speak any english, and the ones that do have been snapped up by the english men.

    english people and english me in particular, what is it about chinese women that you love so much and why do you love them more than your own? is it true that they please you more in bed than your own english women? I know they are much more attractive than english women (who isnt) but there must be another reason.

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